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#66 No Tolerance For Silence (A Conversation With Josh Welshman)

Episode 66 is a conversation with Josh Welshman. Josh sings for the death metal band Defeated Sanity. In this episode we talk about how he went from being a fan of Defeated Sanity to becoming their singer, their record from 2020 called The Sanguinary Impetus, and their tour with Origin in March of 2020 that was cut short as a result of the pandemic. This was a great conversation, Josh is enthusiastic and passionate about music and made a great guest. 

#65: Fire On High (A Conversation With Damien Moyal)

Episode 65 is a conversation with Damien Moyal. Damien has been in a number of bands, notably As Friends Rust, Morning Again, Culture as well as one of his newer projects Damien Done. We talk about how he got into music, we go through his various bands and what it’s like to be a musician in the midst of a pandemic. Great conversation with a very talented and passionate artist.

#61: Mad World (Another Conversation With Randy Larsen)

Episode 61 is a conversation with Randy Larsen, this is the second time Randy has been on the podcast.You may know him from his bands Cable and Empty Flowers. On this pretty free form episode we have a conversation about various subjects including the ending of Cable, a new musical project he’s involved in now as well as a bunch of different bands we go back and forth about. This was a lot of fun and I love talking to Randy about music, especially in a loose format like this. 

#56: Off To Ruin (Another Conversation With Nate Newton)

Episode 56 is a conversation with Nate Newton (Converge, Old Man Gloom, Doomriders) that took place over the phone in late March of 2020 during the worldwide Coronavirus pandemic. We talk quite a bit about how this has affected creative people who create for a living, what he’s been doing to stay busy and focused. Nate also talks about the great new Old Man Gloom record and what it was like to play his late friend Caleb Scofield’s music with Cave In. This episode has some heavy overtones but as always, Nate is a pleasure to talk to and is a great guest for this podcast. 

#46: It’s Alive! (A Conversation With Brian & Guy About Live Records)

Episode 46 is a deep and long dive with my co-hosts Brian Smith and Guy Weatherbee about live records. More than just a discussion of our specific favorite live records, we get pretty loose and open about the live album as an archive of a band at a certain point in time, infamous “fake” live recordings, and we somehow manage to cover everyone from the usual suspects like Rush and Kiss to artists like Dave Brubeck and Sammy Davis Jr. This was a lot of fun to record and there will most likely be a volume two to this one 

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