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#44: Get On The Mic (A Conversation About The Beastie Boys With Brian Smith)

In this episode of Talk About the Passion Brian and I talk about one of our favorite bands, the Beastie Boys. We share our experience first hearing them and what they meant to us early on and what they mean to us now. We talk about their legacy on pop culture, underground music, and hip hop. Going through most of their catalog album by album and song by song, this is a bit of a deep dive but also a loose episode that meanders a tiny bit but mostly stays on course, just like their discography, as we discover here. Join two friends talking about one of their favorite bands. 


#40: So Long Ago (A Conversation With Kevin Norton)

Episode 40 is a conversation with Kevin Norton. Kevin played bass in the excellent Boston hardcore band Eye For an Eye and now he’s still playing music with his current band The Eulogy based out of Southern California. We talk about growing up in Lynn Massachusetts and what it was like getting into metal and hardcore in the early and mid eighties when metal and hardcore were regularly crossing over. Kevin has never stopped and his passion for music make him a perfect guest for this podcast, his work in the labor movement is discussed as well and Kevin talks about how being involved in the hardcore scene has informed his career and work ethic. 

#34: Words I Manifest (A Conversation With Brian Coleman)

Episode 34 is a conversation with Boston area author Brian Coleman. Brian has written a few absolutely essential books for fans of hip-hop, Rakim Told Me, and Check the Technique Volumes 1 & 2. His new book, Buy Me Boston is a look at advertisements, flyers and vintage posters from Boston in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. In this episode we talk about his evolution in getting into music, and his process writing about music as well as what it’s like interviewing people like Chuck D and Ice Cube. Brian is a fascinating guy, a great story teller and a perfect guest for TATP. 

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